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Small-eyed snakes
Cryptophis - Worrell, 1961

Pronunciation: kript-OH-fiss
Etymology: 'hidden snake'.

Taxonomic notes:

Members of this genus were previously placed in Rhinoplocephalus.

Statistics: Reproductive modes:
Live-bearing - 5 out of 5 Australian species

Size range:
Smallest Australian species: pink snake (Cryptophis incredibilis) at 40 cm
 Longest Australian species: eastern small-eyed snake (Cryptophis nigrescens) at up to 120 cm
Number of Australian species: 5

Carpentaria snake (Cryptophis boschmai)
Moranbah, Queensland
Photo © Stewart Macdonald
Carpentaria snake (Cryptophis boschmai) distribution range map Cryptophis boschmai
Carpentaria snake
Year described
(Brongersma & Knaap-van Meeuwen 1964)
Nasal scale separated from preocular. Colouration can be tan, brown or dark brown above, sometimes lighter on sides, giving the impression of a faint dark stripe down the back. Scales usually dark-edged.

pink snake (Cryptophis incredibilis)
Prince of Wales Island, Queensland
Photo © Steve Wilson
pink snake (Cryptophis incredibilis) distribution range map Cryptophis incredibilis
Pink snake
Year described
(Wells & Wellington 1985)
Small and slender; uniform pink above, belly white.

eastern small-eyed snake (Cryptophis nigrescens)
Mount Glorious, Queensland
Photo © Stewart Macdonald
eastern small-eyed snake (Cryptophis nigrescens) distribution range map Cryptophis nigrescens
Eastern small-eyed snake
Year described
(Günther 1862)
Uniform black above; belly colouration varies from cream to pinkish red, occasionally with dark spots and blotches.

black-striped snake (Cryptophis nigrostriatus)
Palm Cove, Queensland
Photo © Brendan Schembri
black-striped snake (Cryptophis nigrostriatus) distribution range map Cryptophis nigrostriatus
Black-striped snake
Year described
(Krefft 1964)
Slender; reddish-brown to pink above with a dark vertebral stripe extending the length of the body; head dark, merging with the dark vertebral stripe.

northern small-eyed snake (Cryptophis pallidiceps)
North Kimberley, Western Australia
Photo © Henry Cook
northern small-eyed snake (Cryptophis pallidiceps) distribution range map Cryptophis pallidiceps
Northern small-eyed snake
Year described
(Günther 1858)
Brown, grey to black above, sometimes paler on head; lower flanks yellowish to orange; belly white.

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