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Western crowned/short-nosed snake
Elapognathus - Boulenger, 1896

Pronunciation: el-AH-poh-GNAH-thus
Etymology: 'Elaps jaw', after another genus of snakes.

Taxonomic notes:

Notes: The western crowned snake (Elapognathus coronatus) was previously placed in Drysdalia.
Statistics: Reproductive modes:
Live-bearing - 2 out of 2 Australian species

Size range:
Smallest Australian species: western crowned snake (Elapognathus coronatus) at 40 cm
 Longest Australian species: western crowned snake (Elapognathus coronatus) at up to 40 cm
Number of Australian species: 2

western crowned snake (Elapognathus coronatus)
D'entrecasteaux National Park, Western Australia
Photo © Jordan Vos
western crowned snake (Elapognathus coronatus) distribution range map Elapognathus coronatus
Western crowned snake
Year described
(Schlegel 1837)
Olive-brown, grey to dark grey with a bluish-grey head; dark band across nape extends forward as a thin line running beneath the eye to the snout, bordered below by a white streak above the upper lip.

short-nosed snake (Elapognathus minor)
Rocky Gully, Western Australia
Photo © Rob Valentic
short-nosed snake (Elapognathus minor) distribution range map Elapognathus minor
Short-nosed snake
Year described
(G√ľnther 1863)
Dark grey above; body patternless; face light in colour, and a pale orange to yellowish bar is present on each side of the neck. Eyes large.

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