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Knob-tailed geckos
Nephrurus - Günther, 1876

Pronunciation: neff-RU-russ
Etymology: 'kidney tail'.

Taxonomic notes:

Statistics: Reproductive modes:
Oviparous - 9 out of 9 Australian species

Size range:
Smallest Australian species: starred knob-tailed gecko (Nephrurus stellatus) at 9 cm
 Longest Australian species: centralian knob-tailed gecko (Nephrurus amyae) at 13.5 cm
Number of Australian species: 9

centralian knob-tailed gecko (Nephrurus amyae)
Alice Springs, Northern Territory
Photo © Jordan de Jong
centralian knob-tailed gecko (Nephrurus amyae) distribution range map Nephrurus amyae
Centralian knob-tailed gecko
Year described
Couper 1994
Similar to Nephrurus asper.

prickly knob-tailed gecko (Nephrurus asper)
Moranbah, Queensland
Photo © Stewart Macdonald
prickly knob-tailed gecko (Nephrurus asper) distribution range map Nephrurus asper
Prickly knob-tailed gecko
Year described
Günther 1876

Pernatty knob-tailed gecko (Nephrurus deleani)
Pernatty Lagoon, South Australia
Photo © Stewart Macdonald
Pernatty knob-tailed gecko (Nephrurus deleani) distribution range map Nephrurus deleani
Pernatty knob-tailed gecko
Year described
Harvey 1983

pale knob-tailed gecko (Nephrurus laevissimus)
Uluru, Northern Territory
Photo © Stewart Macdonald
pale knob-tailed gecko (Nephrurus laevissimus) distribution range map Nephrurus laevissimus
Pale knob-tailed gecko
Year described
Mertens 1958

smooth knob-tailed gecko (Nephrurus levis)
Windorah, Queensland
Photo © Stewart Macdonald
smooth knob-tailed gecko (Nephrurus levis) distribution range map Nephrurus levis
Smooth knob-tailed gecko
Year described
De Vis 1886

northern knob-tailed gecko (Nephrurus sheai)
North Kimberley, Western Australia
Photo © Henry Cook
northern knob-tailed gecko (Nephrurus sheai) distribution range map Nephrurus sheai
Northern knob-tailed gecko
Year described
Couper 1994

starred knob-tailed gecko (Nephrurus stellatus)
Marvel Loch, Western Australia
Photo © Ray Lloyd
starred knob-tailed gecko (Nephrurus stellatus) distribution range map Nephrurus stellatus
Starred knob-tailed gecko
Year described
Storr 1968

midline knob-tailed gecko (Nephrurus vertebralis)
Leonora, Western Australia
Photo © Mark Sanders
midline knob-tailed gecko (Nephrurus vertebralis) distribution range map Nephrurus vertebralis
Midline knob-tailed gecko
Year described
Storr 1963

banded knob-tailed gecko (Nephrurus wheeleri)
Wittenoom, Western Australia
Photo © Jordan Vos
banded knob-tailed gecko (Nephrurus wheeleri) distribution range map Nephrurus wheeleri
Banded knob-tailed gecko
Year described
Loveridge 1932
Broad dark bands on the body and tail. N. wheeleri wheeleri has 4 bands - neck/shoulders combined; rump; tail base; tail tip. N. wheeleri cinctus has 5 bands - neck; shoulders; rump; tail base; tail tip.

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