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Richardson's mangrove snake
Myron - Gray, 1849

Pronunciation: MY-ron
 Etymology: possibly after the ancient Greek sculptor, Myron.1

Taxonomic notes:

Notes: Genus whose two members (one of which is recently described) are found in northern Australia and New Guinea.
Statistics: Reproductive modes:
Live-bearing - 2 out of 2 Australian species

Size range:
Number of Australian species: 2

Resetar's mangrove snake (Myron resetari)
Broome, Western Australia
Photo © Scott van Barneveld
Resetar's mangrove snake (Myron resetari) distribution range map Myron resetari
Resetar's mangrove snake
Year described
Murphy 2011
"19 scale rows on the neck and at mid body; one preocular scale; large, plate like occipital scales that are posterior and lateral to the parietals."2

Richardson's mangrove snake (Myron richardsonii)
Darwin, Northern Territory
Photo © Brendan Schembri
Richardson's mangrove snake (Myron richardsonii) distribution range map Myron richardsonii
Richardson's mangrove snake
Year described
Gray 1849
Grey/brown above. Lighter irregular flecks.

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  2. Murphy, John C. (2011). The nomenclature and systematics of some Australasian Homalopsid snakes (Squamata: Serpentes: Homalopsidae). The Raffles Bulletin of Zoology, 59(2):229-236.
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