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Anomalopus - Duméril and Duméril, 1851

Pronunciation: ann-OMM-ah-loh-puss
Etymology: 'strange foot'.

Taxonomic notes:

Statistics: Reproductive modes:
Oviparous - 6 out of 7 Australian species
Live-bearing - 1 out of 7 Australian species

Size range:
Smallest Australian species: Cape York worm-skink (Anomalopus pluto) at 7.6 cm
 Longest Australian species: three-clawed worm-skink (Anomalopus verreauxii) at 18.5 cm
Number of Australian species: 7

short-necked worm-skink (Anomalopus brevicollis)
Mount Etna, Queensland
Photo © Anders Zimny
short-necked worm-skink (Anomalopus brevicollis) distribution range map Anomalopus brevicollis
Short-necked worm-skink
Year described
Greer & Cogger 1985

speckled worm-skink (Anomalopus gowi)
Magnetic Island, Queensland
Photo © Ray Lloyd
speckled worm-skink (Anomalopus gowi) distribution range map Anomalopus gowi
Speckled worm-skink
Year described
Greer & Cogger 1985

two-clawed worm-skink (Anomalopus leuckartii)
Barakula State Forest, Queensland
Photo © Stewart Macdonald
two-clawed worm-skink (Anomalopus leuckartii) distribution range map Anomalopus leuckartii
Two-clawed worm-skink
Year described
(Weinland 1862)

long-legged worm-skink (Anomalopus mackayi)
Wallangra, New South Wales
Photo © Rob Valentic
long-legged worm-skink (Anomalopus mackayi) distribution range map Anomalopus mackayi
Long-legged worm-skink
Year described
Greer & Cogger 1985

Cape York worm-skink (Anomalopus pluto)
Cape York Peninsula, Queensland
Photo © Gina Barnett
Cape York worm-skink (Anomalopus pluto) distribution range map Anomalopus pluto
Cape York worm-skink
Year described
Ingram 1977

punctate worm-skink (Anomalopus swansoni)
Newcastle, New South Wales
Photo © Evan Pickett
punctate worm-skink (Anomalopus swansoni) distribution range map Anomalopus swansoni
Punctate worm-skink
Year described
Greer & Cogger 1985

three-clawed worm-skink (Anomalopus verreauxii)
Logan City, Queensland
Photo © Stewart Macdonald
three-clawed worm-skink (Anomalopus verreauxii) distribution range map Anomalopus verreauxii
Three-clawed worm-skink
Year described
Duméril & Duméril 1851
Hindlimb is a stump. Forelimb is small, with three short fingers.

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