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War-like skinks
Bellatorias - Wells & Wellington, 1984

Pronunciation: bell-ah-tor-EE-ahs
 Etymology: 'war-like'.1

Taxonomic notes:

Genus resurrected from synonymy with Egernia in 2008.2

 Notes: Squarish in cross section. Dorsal scales smooth to weakly keeled. Dorsal scales in 26-36 rows. Postnarial groove running to first supralabial. Incomplete subocular scale row. Distinct cream margins to eyelid.3
Statistics: Reproductive modes:
Live-bearing - 3 out of 3 Australian species

Size range:
Smallest Australian species: major skink (Bellatorias frerei) at 18 cm
 Longest Australian species: land mullet (Bellatorias major) at 30 cm
Number of Australian species: 3

major skink (Bellatorias frerei)
Daintree Rainforest, Queensland
Photo © Kirrily Douglas
major skink (Bellatorias frerei) distribution range map Bellatorias frerei
Major skink
Year described
(G√ľnther 1897)

land mullet (Bellatorias major)
Lamington Plateau, Queensland
Photo © Stewart Macdonald
land mullet (Bellatorias major) distribution range map Bellatorias major
Land mullet
Year described
(Gray 1845)

Arnhem Land skink (Bellatorias obiri)
Kakadu National Park, Northern Territory
Photo © Lindley McKay
Arnhem Land skink (Bellatorias obiri) distribution range map Bellatorias obiri
Arnhem Land skink
Year described
(Wells & Wellington 1985)
Pale grey/brown. Dark lateral streak above forelimb. Darker barring on lips/throat.

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