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Soil-crevice skinks
Proablepharus - Fuhn, 1969

Pronunciation: PRO-ah-BLEPH-ah-russ

Taxonomic notes:

Statistics: Reproductive modes:
Oviparous - 5 out of 5 Australian species

Size range:
Smallest Australian species: northern soil-crevice skink (Proablepharus tenuis) at 3.2 cm
 Longest Australian species: orange-tailed soil-crevice skink (Proablepharus naranjicaudus) at 4.6 cm
Number of Australian species: 5

No thumbnail available eastern soil-crevice skink (Proablepharus barrylyoni) distribution range map Proablepharus barrylyoni
Eastern soil-crevice skink
Year described
Couper, Limpus, McDonald & Amey 2010
A large Proablepharus (the word 'large' being used in the relative sense, what with Proablepharus being tiny little skinks). The back is dark brown with three pale longitudinal stripes on each side. Four supraocular scales; five supracilliary scales; interparietal scale fused with frontoparietal scales; well-developed upper preocular scale; two postsupralabial scales; smoothly rounded subdigital lamellae on hind foot.1

red-tailed soil-crevice skink (Proablepharus kinghorni)
Cloncurry, Queensland
Photo © Mark Sanders
red-tailed soil-crevice skink (Proablepharus kinghorni) distribution range map Proablepharus kinghorni
Red-tailed soil-crevice skink
Year described
(Copland 1947)

orange-tailed soil-crevice skink (Proablepharus naranjicaudus)
Pigeon Hole Station, Northern Territory
Photo © Lindley McKay
orange-tailed soil-crevice skink (Proablepharus naranjicaudus) distribution range map Proablepharus naranjicaudus
Orange-tailed soil-crevice skink
Year described
Greer, Fisher & Horner 2004

western soil-crevice skink (Proablepharus reginae)
Alice Springs, Northern Territory
Photo © Jordan de Jong
western soil-crevice skink (Proablepharus reginae) distribution range map Proablepharus reginae
Western soil-crevice skink
Year described
(Glauert 1960)

northern soil-crevice skink (Proablepharus tenuis)
Adult male in breeding colours - Western Gulf of Carpentaria, Queensland
Photo © Stewart Macdonald
northern soil-crevice skink (Proablepharus tenuis) distribution range map Proablepharus tenuis
Northern soil-crevice skink
Year described
(Broom 1896)

  1. Couper, Patrick J.; Limpus, Colin J.; McDonald, Keith R.; & Amey, Andrew P. (2010). A new species of Proablepharus (Scincidae: Lygosominae) from Mt Surprise, north-eastern Queensland, Australia. Zootaxa, 2433:62-68. - search web for this article
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