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Snapping turtles
Elseya - Gray, 1867

Pronunciation: ELL-see-ah
 Etymology: possibly after someone called Elsey.1

Taxonomic notes:

Many species in this genus are now placed in Wollumbinia.

Statistics: Reproductive modes:
Oviparous - 6 out of 6 Australian species

Size range:
Smallest Australian species: yellow-bellied snapping turtle (Elseya flaviventralis) at cm
 Longest Australian species: southern snapping turtle (Elseya albagula) at up to 42 cm
Number of Australian species: 6

southern snapping turtle (Elseya albagula)
Connors River, Queensland
Photo © Stephen Zozaya
southern snapping turtle (Elseya albagula) distribution range map Elseya albagula
Southern snapping turtle
Year described
Thomson, Georges & Limpus 2006

northern snapping turtle (Elseya dentata)
Berry Springs, Northern Territory
Photo © Stephen Zozaya
northern snapping turtle (Elseya dentata) distribution range map Elseya dentata
Northern snapping turtle
Year described
(Gray 1863)

No thumbnail available yellow-bellied snapping turtle (Elseya flaviventralis) distribution range map Elseya flaviventralis
Yellow-bellied snapping turtle
Year described
Thomson & Georges 2016

Irwin's turtle (Elseya irwini)
Broken River, Queensland
Photo © Angus McNab
Irwin's turtle (Elseya irwini) distribution range map Elseya irwini
Irwin's turtle
Year described
Cann 1997
Similar to Elseya dentata

gulf snapping turtle (Elseya lavarackorum)
NE Gulf of Carpentaria, Northern Territory
Photo © Gina Barnett
gulf snapping turtle (Elseya lavarackorum) distribution range map Elseya lavarackorum
Gulf snapping turtle
Year described
(White & Archer 1994)
Similar to Elseya dentata

Stirling's turtle (Elseya stirlingi)
Tully region, Queensland
Photo © Stephen Zozaya
Stirling's turtle (Elseya stirlingi) distribution range map Elseya stirlingi
Stirling's turtle
Year described
Wells 2007

  1. Ehmann, Harald (1992). Encyclopedia of Australian animals: Reptiles. Angus and Robertson. 495 pp - search web for this book
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