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Thumbnail Scientific name Common name Genus Family Broad distribution
southern spotted velvet gecko (Oedura tryoni)
Conondale Ranges, Queensland
© Stewart Macdonald
Oedura tryoni Southern spotted velvet gecko Oedura Gekkonidae New South Wales
central netted dragon (Ctenophorus nuchalis)
Alpha, Queensland
© Stewart Macdonald
Ctenophorus nuchalis Central netted dragon Ctenophorus Agamidae New South Wales
Northern Territory
South Australia
Western Australia
lively rainbow-skink (Carlia vivax)
Townsville, Queensland
© Stewart Macdonald
Carlia vivax Lively rainbow-skink Carlia Scincidae New South Wales
iridescent litter-skink (Lygisaurus foliorum)
Barakula State Forest, Queensland
© Stewart Macdonald
Lygisaurus foliorum Iridescent litter-skink Lygisaurus Scincidae New South Wales
Warrego burrowing snake (Antaioserpens warro)
Chesterton Range, Queensland
© Jon-Paul Emery
Antaioserpens warro Warrego burrowing snake Antaioserpens Elapidae Queensland
lesser black whipsnake (Demansia vestigiata)
Western Gulf of Carpentaria, Queensland
© Stewart Macdonald
Demansia vestigiata Lesser black whipsnake Demansia Elapidae Northern Territory
Western Australia
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