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Tropidonophis - Jan, 1863

Pronunciation: TROP-id-oh-NOH-fis
Etymology: 'keeled snake'.

Taxonomic notes:

Includes species that were previously in Amphiesma or Styporhynchus.

Notes: About 18 species distributed through Malaysia, Indonesia, New Guinea and Australia. One Australian species. All are semiaquatic.
Statistics: Reproductive modes:
Oviparous - 1 out of 1 Australian species

Size range:
Smallest Australian species: keelback (Tropidonophis mairii) at 50 cm
 Longest Australian species: keelback (Tropidonophis mairii) at up to 120 cm
Number of Australian species: 1

keelback (Tropidonophis mairii)
Kakadu National Park, Northern Territory
Photo © Stewart Macdonald
keelback (Tropidonophis mairii) distribution range map Tropidonophis mairii
Year described
(Gray 1841)
Grey, brown to red above, with indistinct dark bands and pale and dark flecks. Scales are strongly keeled.

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