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Vermicella - G√ľnther, 1858

Pronunciation: VER-mee-SELL-ah
Etymology: 'little worm'.

Taxonomic notes:

Statistics: Reproductive modes:
Oviparous - 6 out of 6 Australian species

Size range:
Smallest Australian species: Cape York bandy-bandy (Vermicella parscauda) at cm
 Longest Australian species: bandy-bandy (Vermicella annulata) at up to 100 cm
Number of Australian species: 6

bandy-bandy (Vermicella annulata)
Mount Carbine, Queensland
Photo © Stewart Macdonald
bandy-bandy (Vermicella annulata) distribution range map Vermicella annulata
Year described
(Gray 1841)

intermediate bandy-bandy (Vermicella intermedia)
North Kimberley, Western Australia
Photo © Henry Cook
intermediate bandy-bandy (Vermicella intermedia) distribution range map Vermicella intermedia
Intermediate bandy-bandy
Year described
Keogh & Smith 1996
Fewer than 75 black bands on body and tail.

narrow-banded bandy-bandy (Vermicella multifasciata)
Victoria River Downs, Northern Territory
Photo © Paul Horner
narrow-banded bandy-bandy (Vermicella multifasciata) distribution range map Vermicella multifasciata
Narrow-banded bandy-bandy
Year described
(Longman 1915)
More than 75 black bands on body and tail.

Cape York bandy-bandy (Vermicella parscauda)
Cape York Peninsula, Queensland
Photo © Stewart Macdonald
Cape York bandy-bandy (Vermicella parscauda) distribution range map Vermicella parscauda
Cape York bandy-bandy
Year described
Derez, Arbuckle, Ruan, Xie, Huang, Dibben, Shi, Vonk & Fry 2018

Pilbara bandy-bandy (Vermicella snelli)
Marble Bar, Western Australia
Photo © Ryan Mackintosh
Pilbara bandy-bandy (Vermicella snelli) distribution range map Vermicella snelli
Pilbara bandy-bandy
Year described
Storr 1968

centralian bandy-bandy (Vermicella vermiformis)
Serpentine Gorge, Northern Territory
Photo © Ray Lloyd
centralian bandy-bandy (Vermicella vermiformis) distribution range map Vermicella vermiformis
Centralian bandy-bandy
Year described
Keogh & Smith 1996

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