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Aipysurus - Lacépede, 1804

Etymology: 'high tail'.

Taxonomic notes:

Statistics: Reproductive modes:
Live-bearing - 8 out of 8 Australian species

Size range:
Smallest Australian species: leaf-scaled sea snake (Aipysurus foliosquama) at 55 cm
 Longest Australian species: olive sea snake (Aipysurus laevis) at up to 200 cm
Number of Australian species: 8

short-nosed sea snake (Aipysurus apraefrontalis)
Exmouth Gulf, Western Australia
Photo © Brad Maryan
short-nosed sea snake (Aipysurus apraefrontalis) distribution range map Aipysurus apraefrontalis
Short-nosed sea snake
Year described
Smith 1926

Dubois' sea snake (Aipysurus duboisii)
Port Hedland, Western Australia
Photo © Chris Cooper
Dubois' sea snake (Aipysurus duboisii) distribution range map Aipysurus duboisii
Dubois' sea snake
Year described
Bavay 1869

leaf-scaled sea snake (Aipysurus foliosquama)
Barrow Island, Western Australia
Photo © Brad Maryan
leaf-scaled sea snake (Aipysurus foliosquama) distribution range map Aipysurus foliosquama
Leaf-scaled sea snake
Year described
Smith 1926

No thumbnail available dusky sea snake (Aipysurus fuscus) distribution range map Aipysurus fuscus
Dusky sea snake
Year described
Tschudi 1837

olive sea snake (Aipysurus laevis)
Mission Beach, Queensland
Photo © Angus McNab
olive sea snake (Aipysurus laevis) distribution range map Aipysurus laevis
Olive sea snake
Year described
Lacépède 1804

mosaic sea snake (Aipysurus mosaicus)
Weipa, Queensland
Photo © Ray Lloyd
mosaic sea snake (Aipysurus mosaicus) distribution range map Aipysurus mosaicus
Mosaic sea snake
Year described
Sanders, Rasmussen, Elmberg, Mumpuni, Guinea, Blias, Lee & Fry 2012

Shark Bay sea snake (Aipysurus pooleorum)
Freycinet Estuary, Western Australia
Photo © Brad Maryan
Shark Bay sea snake (Aipysurus pooleorum) distribution range map Aipysurus pooleorum
Shark Bay sea snake
Year described
L.A. Smith 1974

No thumbnail available Mjoberg's sea snake (Aipysurus tenuis) distribution range map Aipysurus tenuis
Mjoberg's sea snake
Year described
Lönnberg & Andersson 1913

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