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Snake-tooth skinks
Coeranoscincus - Wells and Wellington, 1984

Pronunciation: see-RAN-oh-SKINK-uss
 Etymology: 'master-lizard'.1

Taxonomic notes:

Statistics: Reproductive modes:
Unknown - 1 out of 2 Australian species
Oviparous - 1 out of 2 Australian species

Size range:
Smallest Australian species: three-toed snake-tooth skink (Coeranoscincus reticulatus) at 19.5 cm
 Longest Australian species: limbless snake-tooth skink (Coeranoscincus frontalis) at 29 cm
Number of Australian species: 2

limbless snake-tooth skink (Coeranoscincus frontalis)
Atherton Tablelands, Queensland
Photo © Anders Zimny
limbless snake-tooth skink (Coeranoscincus frontalis) distribution range map Coeranoscincus frontalis
Limbless snake-tooth skink
Year described
(De Vis 1888)

three-toed snake-tooth skink (Coeranoscincus reticulatus)
Lamington Plateau, Queensland
Photo © Stewart Macdonald
three-toed snake-tooth skink (Coeranoscincus reticulatus) distribution range map Coeranoscincus reticulatus
Three-toed snake-tooth skink
Year described
(G√ľnther 1873)

  1. Wells, Richard W. & Wellington, C. Ross (1984). A synopsis of the Class Reptilia in Australia. Australian Journal of Herpetology, 1(3-4):73-129. - search web for this article
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