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Books - the very essence of civilisation. There's nothing like grabbing a good book and stimulating your neurons. Whether you're after a good story to keep you enthralled as you wait out a hailstorm in your tent, or an accurate reference to help you identify the critter you've just found squished on the road, there's a book for you. There are heaps of great books regarding Australian reptiles and related subjects. This section is intended to give an overview of some of these books to help you figure out if you want to buy a copy or if you should just read the best bits at your local bookstore.

Ten points if you can name all 15 titles in the pic on the right.

At a glance
If you're after an ID book, get A complete guide to reptiles of Australia (2008) by Steve Wilson & Gerry Swan.
If you're after a good read on snakes, get Australian snakes: a natural history by Rick Shine.

Books are grouped by category, in no particular order.


A complete guide to reptiles of Australia - second edition (2008) by Steve Wilson & Gerry Swan
Snakes of Western Australia (2002) by Glenn Storr, Lawrence Smith & Ronald Johnstone
A field guide to reptiles of Queensland (2005) by Steve Wilson
Reptiles and amphibians of Australia (2000) by Harold Cogger

Natural history

Australian snakes: a natural history by Rick Shine


Care of Australian reptiles in captivity by John Weigel


Snakes alive! Snake experts & antidote sellers of Australia by John Cann

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